Happy New Year!! I’m Baaaacccckkkkk…

Happy New Year readers, and welcome to my NEW blog “Everywhere and Nowhere – A Black Woman’s Journey”. For you newbies, I’m Nik and this is my new spot (my old one being “World From My Window”). I’ll be sharing with you… well… whatever crosses my crazy mind; like my tag line states, what I see and how I see it.

Check back often for updates from all over the net and all over my life experiences. I’ll cover topics about  family, relationships, sex, parenting, health/beauty interests, music, the latest news headlines, social and political issues and all from a humanist, womanist and agnostic perspective with a Black woman’s twist. I will probably piss you off or you’ll probably fall in love with me… or probably both.

I don’t have many comment “rules”. If you have something to say, feel free. I welcome healthy debates but will not tolerate disrespect towards me or other readers. All that said, let’s have some fun and perhaps learn a little something along the way…

Oh and speaking of disrespect, click the following clink below and check out this video, crafted by those awesome mental patients over at Black Men Vent, in my honor. I feel so loved… (<- sarcasm, in case you missed it). TTYL!



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