My Top 5 Young,Gifted and Black

Now I have 3 children and they’re all in different developmental phases. There’s the “Almost Grown (and Gone)” 19-year old,  The “tween” 12-year old and an 8-year old, the only boy. Being in three different phases in life, their musical tastes vary; while the 19-year old has been around long enough to sample some of everything music has to offer, the other two are Pop kids, all the way.

But the other night, while helping the tween with her homework, she started to hum a tune.  She said it was a song called “Bandz A Make Her Dance“.  WTF??!!

Understand, my children don’t have virgin ears… I cuss like a sailor. No. Really. But words like “shit” and “damn” are really not my issue. Its the messages, glorifying stripper/pornographic behavior. Its the messages about drinking, partying and using drugs. Its the message that our little girls only serve a purpose when they’re bent over, with their ass cheeks spread open, picking up nasty one dollar bills from the floor.  Its the message that our little boys only care about how many “hoes” they can get and how much they can “make it rain” and how many pills they can pop. The urban radio stations continue to play songs like this. The “artists” take virtually no accountability for their influence. And while I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t control everything my children have access to, I’m not happy with not knowing just how exposed they really are to these types of messages. The above-mentioned song in particular is… is just… STUPID.

So, I’ve decided to do a little research and compile a list of kid-friendly music that’s not only good, fun music but also made by little brown kids, just like them. It’s my hope that with alternatives like these, our children will get some sort of balance:

5. Miss Mykie


You may recognize her as one of the new faces of BET’s ” 106 & Park”  (if you watch that show. *insert MAJOR side-eye if you do*) but Mykie started her career as a YouTube sensation. She has an incredible voice and really good, empowering songs. Parental Plus:  She’s a college graduate and never misses an opportunity to let the world know she’s an AKA.  She reps higher learning very well!

4. Chloe and Halle


Meet Chloe and Halle Bailey. Also known for their Youtube views, this sister duo is amazing, having been featured on “Ellen” and are recent winners of Disney’s “Next Big Thing.” This talented team also act and have been featured in several movies and TV shows (according to their website). Parental Plus: They’re really talented and not half-naked.

3. Diggy


Son a rap legend Run of Run DMC, this little cutie reminds me of LL Cool J, the 2.0 version. He’s sweet enough for the girls and cool enough for the fellas. I know what you’re thinking… your kids wont like him. But he’s actually good. Like really good. Check him out. Parental Plus: In the footsteps of  LL and Will Smith,  he’s very good at getting his point across and never having to spit a profane word.

2. Mindless Behavior


I don’t get it but I’m kinda old so I’m not supposed to. Apparently these little cuties cause pandemonium where ever they go. My daughter had a brief, very brief love affair with this pop quartet. She’s since moved on but maybe you’ll have better luck with your tween. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard any new music from them. Hopefully this kid-friendly group haven’t lost their edge. Let me know what you think. Parental Plus: Umm….I’ll get back to you on that.

1. Lupe Fiasco


This socially conscious rapper has always had my support. He uses profanity, yes, but you can’t deny his creativity and desire to bring attention to real social and political issues. His latest effort “Food and Liquor II” contains the hit “Bitch Bad” which talks about the very problem with songs and videos that our children are constantly exposed to. Pick the clean version but make sure your kids understand the difference between real hip-hop and the garbage that gets all the airplay. Parental Plus: You and your children can appreciate his message. Its about Black greatness…


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