Me…Defending Church Folk…Who’da Thunk??!

So I’ve been reading online lately (feeding my addiction to gossip blogs) about a man by the name of Larry Trotter, a bishop of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago, IL (the name of that church tickles me… “sweet holy spirit” sounds like something I’d say while passing some MEAN gas).

Anyhoo, so the good bishop decides to post a pic of him with his granddaughter in the tub, having what appears to be a bubble bath. Mkay? So, the picture, taken by his daughter and the girl’s mother, is causing quite a backlash online as well as personal embarrassment for this family.


the SCANDALOUS picture…

Now, church folk are not my favorite people. And this picture was not appropriate for online viewing.  That aside, the criticism that this man is receiving is unwarranted, fueled by sensationalizing bloggers and an over-zealous, hyper-sexual, quick-to-point-fingers society.

If I’ve learned anything about sexual predators, its that they don’t want you know their ‘dirty little secret’. And while this man may not have made the best decision posting this picture on his Instagram (the devil’s new playground), my maternal, protective instinct doesn’t flash any warning lights while looking at it.

Then there are rumors out there that he allegedly e had on swim trunks. Actually, it was the child that had the trunks on before getting into the tub to play with grandpa’s bubbles (ok, that didn’t sound right).

According to StraightFromTheA, Bishop Trotter reached out to a radio show to try and explain the innocent photo, saying:

I’m not ashamed of what I did, I am ashamed and hurt that it has gone out across the world and people have called me everything from a child molester to a pedophile to a nasty old man and that I should get out of the ministry… the vulgarities have just been terrible… So I shut down my Instagram page and my Facebook page and just be strong for my family… I just feel awful that now these attacks are suggesting that I can’t be trusted with a child…

It’s as if no one is giving this man the benefit of the doubt. The court of public opinion has already sentenced him to a lifetime of shame, EVEN THOUGH IT IS OBVIOUS THAT HE WASN’T ALONE WITH THE CHILD.

Folks watch entirely too much of “To Catch a Predator” and “Law and Order: SVU”. I’ve bathed with all my children, including my son. Now go and call Mariska Hargitay and get her on the case… PUH-LEEEZZZ.

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