Doing Great Things

Kirstie and Kristie Bronner


Identical twins, Kristie and Kirstie Bronner will graduate on May 19th as the first co-valedictorians of Spelman College. Both music majors, they have 4.0 GPAs and are member’s of the college’s glee club (too cute!!!)

What these young ladies have  accomplished is not only admirable but something that all kids can and should make a priority. WAY TO GO, GIRLS!!!

Nathaniel Dancy, Jr.


While out doing a little shopping with his father, Nathaniel Dancy Jr. witnessed his father suffer a stroke and aneurysm while driving the car. The five-year old boy called his grandmother for help. She put him in touch with his mother and while on the phone with her, he was able to give her landmarks that led her to where he and his father were. Of Nathaniel, his grandmother states: “Nathaniel is a very smart guy. He has great diction, and when you hear him talk, you would never think he’s only five. He’s on a third-grade level. He already spells words like ‘decipher’ and understands concepts that the average elementary school student at his age does not.”

This precious child is so adorable and props to his family and his group of educators for ensuring that he is as bright as he can be…

Kayden Skylar


Kayden was thrusted into the spotlight, rather hapharzardly, on his mother’s reality show The Gossip Game. Transgendered son of gossip blogger Vivian Billings, this 19 year-old’s life was forever changed when he was “outed” by a cast member on the show.
Kayden and Vivian’s story was quite emotional for me because I share an eerily similar circumstance with Vivian. I am a mother of a pre-transgendered son, the same age as Kayden. I know how difficult this process can be and can only imagine having it play out in the public eye. I must commend both Kayden and Vivian for living in their truth. Kayden, a very sweet soul, was kind enough to respond to a message of encouragement I sent him via Facebook, thanking me for my love and support. I needed to let him know that we are out here and we care.

Kayden tells NewNowNext, “…do what you have to do to make yourself happy. Be who you are because if you don’t, you’ll be miserable trying to please everybody else.”  I agree 100%.  Kayden has inadvertently became the poster-child for young, Black transgendered males and I’m happy to have him serve a someone my child can look up to.

Charles Ramsey


I wrestled with including Mr. Ramsey in this post. Although his actions are undoubtedly heroic and rightfully commendable, his “celebrity” and the subsequent mockery of this man is what disturbs me. In case you haven’t heard (can’t see how you haven’t), Charles Ramsey is the gentleman who is responsible for the saving Amanda Berry,  Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from captivity at the hands of Ramsey’s neighbor in Cleveland, Ohio.

The media only brings you up to put you right back down. In the likes of “Sweety” Brown and Antoine Dodson, Ramsey has quickly become the butt of many media jokes, poking fun at his inarticulacy (the inability or refusal to sound  “White”).  The media has even gone as far as digging into this man’s history, including previous criminal charges. Is THIS a Hero’s welcome??!

I really wish Mr. Ramsey would turn down any forthcoming interviews and go back, if at all possible, to living an ordinary existence. But nonetheless, much respect to  Mr. Ramsey for doing something as courageous as what he’s done.


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