Black Weight Loss Success


Yes!!! Courtesy of Facebook, I ran across a wonderful weight-loss blog called Black Women Losing Weight. 

It contains a WEALTH of nutrition, exercise and weight loss success posts, all centered around the Black Woman. Why, you say? Its really simple. There’s this myth that Black women actually enjoy being fat and unhealthy. And while many of us do admire our natural curves, it should not be confused with wanting to be at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and a plethora of other health risks associated with obesity. There’s another myth that we don’t like exercising because of hair (yes, HAIR. But’ that’s a whole ‘notha post). Thus, major weight loss franchises seem to target the majority (read: White women) and there’s little support and praise for Black women who are working towards the goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

Now we have Black Women Losing Weight! They are not alone in the fight to keep us health-conscious but they are definitely worth highlighting…

Be sure to check out the blog for great health and weight loss tips and get inspired by the countless success stories. Congratulate these sistas on a job well done!!

Also, visit their online store for even more inspiration by purchasing one of their fabulous tees (like the one above). Enter the coupon code MYSHIRT2013 during checkout between June 3rd  and June 7th to receive a 15% discount on t-shirts (only!).



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