“White Like Me” Documentary Trailer

Say what you like about Tim Wise, I’m a staunch supporter.

Tim is one of the few Whites who actually acknowledges that there are indeed benefits of White privilege and is rather transparent about the advantages afforded to him through the color of his skin.

Does he profit from racial inequality? Perhaps. And if that is found to be true, he’s in good company; the US prison/justice system, the US school system and housing market are just few of the beneficiaries of racial inequality.

However, he serves as the antithesis of these beneficiaries. Instead of promoting the belief that racism is no longer a concern or denying the problem even exists in today’s society, he lends his White voice and his White face to what many people of color who have stated for the longest:  that this is simply not true.

I commend anyone at the forefront of the fight against racism and racial inequality, no matter the color.  Tim understands what alot of people don’t: that not only does it make the lives of people of color more difficult, it effects your lives as well.  Hopefully the full length documentary can help shed light on how and hopefully it will spark some change…


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