Letter to My Daughter: Salvaging Your Sweetness


(I wrote the following in honor of my daughter last year some time and found it on my abandoned tumblr page. I decided to share with you so we can honor our beautiful babies together, while they ARE our babies!)

You blanket my cheeks with innocent kisses, as you wrap your arms around my neck and you say “I love you, Mama”. I kiss your forehead, hold you tight and say how much I love you more and that you truly are the sweetest girl I know. Its true. You are so sweet, so much so that I worry for you. I see myself in you, remnants of what I used to be. And now that I have the honor of being your mother, one of the most uncomfortable truths I must face is that I have to prepare you, as much as I can, for heartbreak and disappointment. I have the painstaking task of helping you to build your character as well as your resiliency; preparing you for what can be an angry, opportunistic world, and how I wish it wasn’t necessary. But here’s why it is:

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Black, Woman and Single: In Defense of My Sexuality

Black, Woman and Single: In Defense of My Sexuality

Excellent piece… Now my two cents:

I swear, this society pits married women and single women against each other in the battle of the “haves” and “have nots”; as if to say that if you’re married, all your problems would magically go away. No more of that “single disease”. You’d get more respect, you’d be held in higher regard, and you’re slutty past will be washed clean… Just find you a man to put a ring on it.

Actually, I know of more miserable married folks than I do miserable single folks… Sooooooo.